From Zero Point One To Launch

AboutSo we got invited to Jason Calacanis’ Launch incubator and I am going to spend 4 months away from my wife and young daughters, this is very hard, but i recognise the importance of a start up such as Clectaverse being exposed to the tough love of the successful entrepreneur. I have spent the last 2 months immersing myself in product and UX training. If ,like me, you are a founder who is also the hustler and the person binding it all together through sheer force of will then I can not recommend pursuing these skills enough. The ability to even put together a very basic prototype using Sketch and InVision is invaluable for the user feedback you are going to need as you iterate. There are a tonne of invaluable resources via blogs, books and I used Udemy to educate. Eric Reiss’ book on UX “Usable Usability” and Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think” are great starting places.


From Zero Point One To Launch

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