From Zero to Zero point one

I started Clectaverse to solve a problem, there was no dedicated modern online service that let me organise and display my collection and buy and sell from others under one roof that felt like it was built for me. Within 6 months I had managed to build the most densely complicated site where no real word was used if I could substitute for something geeky. My first lesson had been learned, don’t build something for yourself and your uber geeky co founder, at least 80% of the people who signed up for our beta found the language impenetrable and our icons confusing, to quote Mr Krug, “Don’t make users think.” Yes you can put a personality on top of recognised web and app UX conventions but dont make a magnifying glass a lightsaber!

I have been studiously learning UX and design via Udemy and some amazing books and will share my thoughts on how amazingly useful this has been very soon as I am off to San Francisco to join Jason Calacanis’ Launch program where I expect my nascent skills will be developed to the level needed to pitch a start up with an MVP these day.

sign up to be amongst the first to use our platform — www.clectaverse.comCLectBNB

From Zero to Zero point one

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