When Facebook becomes our time capsule


Meet me….I am 43, I am the co founder of a start up called Clect, it’s a social marketplace. I built the marketplace because as a collector eBay just wasn’t showing me stuff I wanted, it was showing me stuff people wanted to sell.

I built the social aspect because of Facebook. Ok I am not stupid, no one can really try to take on Facebook, it has become a utility in our life. It is like electricity, like water, take it away and people feel deprived. However I do feel that there is a way niches, and large niches at that can be carved away from Facebook to a better place.

Facebook is amazing, it’s huge, it’s gargantuan, it is a mirror to life on Earth, and because of that its a terrible beast. Every day I see people I am connected to because of our love of collecting, our love of Star Wars, of being a geek, make statements that cause me to feel shame. Now these people aren’t my friends but I do feel a connection to them because of FB. Facebook is a mirror to life as I said, and because of that you see the very worst of humainty pressed up against the quieter voice of the intelligent, moderate and consisered aspects and further the shiny tiny beacons of the best of humanity, take Batboy for example.

I want to hang out and discuss why Boba Fett is not as badass as his reputation purports, I want to discuss why a Ghostbusters remake is a terrible idea, not because of its new gender slant but because you just don’t remake some films. I want to do this on a platform where two posts down I see some morally reprehensible spoutings from people who have a platform to do that!

I hope collectors flock to www.clect.com and we talk about collecting.

When Facebook becomes our time capsule

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