What Do You Clect?

Featuring our marvellous Clectas – this week @EricSilverio

So what got you started collecting?

I’ve always been collecting – My baseline is GI Joe every single one I have from figure to vehicle I have kept and handed down to my son. I had then moved to Generation 1 Transformers and have finished my ultimate collection of Jetfire sets that I’ve always wanted. Finally circling back to my roots Star Wars was always in my blood. Specifically Boba Fett. I didn’t want to sink into evilBay and didn’t trust the sources. On Facebook I fell literally by accident in a forum about Boba Fettish. From there a vintage forum came up and the rest is history. I was able to get my first 79 Fett from them fully authenticated and with great mint without selling my soul to evilBay. I have a new goal that ties my comic book fettish to Boba so it continues on….

Why Boba Fett?

A man who only had a few seconds of time on the screen and even fewer words. I believe that the mystery of it all is worth the silence of his kills. Is he evil? Is he good? None of that, he’s a bounty hunter. He will work for the highest bidder simple as that. I have worked in electronics specifically Manufacturing and basically for over 20 years that’s what I do…..

What are your 3 fave pieces?

1) Graded Fett at 80

2) Rubber Mold of Fett

3) Rocket firing Fett L shape

Is there a holy grail piece you still need?

Prototype Rocket Firing Boba Fett.

How could we improve Clect for you personally?

Add VIDEO! I have an office I take a round video from my library to the end of my windows for my friends they always want to see my setup and posters with Sabers that I have there. And we need to spread the word ASAP this is a nice place to collect and post the collections of everything….

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What Do You Clect?

Bustin’ makes me feel good?


So the new Ghostbuster’s has got ok reviews. Great, good for them. The pre release hysteria around an all female cast was a complete red herring for me. Creativity in Hollywood is bankrupt. How many movies now a days are reboots? How many of them are any good? I can recall one I enjoyed and that was the remake of the Italian Job with, yes…..Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham. Still I would argue that once a film is released it stands on its own as a reflection of its time and place in culture. If we continue to cannibalise our own history then where do we find the next great stories for the ages.

As far as Hollywood blockbusters go I can only really think of The Matrix as an example of a totally original story that will stand the test of time, and that is because the directors were auteurs not studio hired hacks. People will argue that great stories always get retold for a new generation to enjoy, but tell me why my kids couldn’t just watch the 1984 Ghostbusters, the reason it’s a classic is it stands the test of time. So lets spend our creative energies on creating new mythologies that become the great nostalgic experiences of the next 50 years.

Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to Final Draft, I am writing a story about a handsome archeologist who is tough but kind…..3136

Bustin’ makes me feel good?