What Do You Clect?

Featuring our marvellous Clectas – this week @EricSilverio

So what got you started collecting?

I’ve always been collecting – My baseline is GI Joe every single one I have from figure to vehicle I have kept and handed down to my son. I had then moved to Generation 1 Transformers and have finished my ultimate collection of Jetfire sets that I’ve always wanted. Finally circling back to my roots Star Wars was always in my blood. Specifically Boba Fett. I didn’t want to sink into evilBay and didn’t trust the sources. On Facebook I fell literally by accident in a forum about Boba Fettish. From there a vintage forum came up and the rest is history. I was able to get my first 79 Fett from them fully authenticated and with great mint without selling my soul to evilBay. I have a new goal that ties my comic book fettish to Boba so it continues on….

Why Boba Fett?

A man who only had a few seconds of time on the screen and even fewer words. I believe that the mystery of it all is worth the silence of his kills. Is he evil? Is he good? None of that, he’s a bounty hunter. He will work for the highest bidder simple as that. I have worked in electronics specifically Manufacturing and basically for over 20 years that’s what I do…..

What are your 3 fave pieces?

1) Graded Fett at 80

2) Rubber Mold of Fett

3) Rocket firing Fett L shape

Is there a holy grail piece you still need?

Prototype Rocket Firing Boba Fett.

How could we improve Clect for you personally?

Add VIDEO! I have an office I take a round video from my library to the end of my windows for my friends they always want to see my setup and posters with Sabers that I have there. And we need to spread the word ASAP this is a nice place to collect and post the collections of everything….

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.26.00

What Do You Clect?

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