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So let’s put aside SDCC and the increasingly corporate NYCC, lets talk about the smaller Cons. Recently I had the pleasure to be at Wizard Worlds Richmond and Chicago and I noticed a very healthy, in my opinion, trend. There are still lots of stalls selling but in general these are independent sellers working hard to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the collector. Ok so maybe we should limit just how many Funko Pops can be seen in one hall and try and encourage some product diversity, but wow the thirst for Pop is huge.

What I love is the incredible effort that goes into Cosplay. It’s an immensely healthy pastime that enables those ,who maybe socially less adept in the boring real world than the players and haters that plague and troll, to totally strut their geeky stuff like Travolta or Maguire in Spider-Man 3…..sorry.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.06.56

If you don’t admire the sheer creative joy that has gone into making the above costume then there is something switched off in your pleasure circuitry!

It’s massively rewarding to see whole families cosplaying, putting aside my own misgivings about kids playing Harley! I was ecstatic to see new entries entering the cosplay consciousness this year – Warboys and the awesomely amazing Eleven from Stranger Things.

So let’s keep Cosplay at the forefront of the nerdy nation and pay homage to the massive effort that goes into each and every costume that astounds us!Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.07.23

Comic Cos

Use Clect To Have Your Best Wizard World Experience Ever

We’ve been talking a lot about all the activities the Clect team has planned for Wizard World Chicago 2016 and we look forward to meeting lots of Clectas while we’re there.  In fact, our last blog post provides a nice overview of all the activities we have planned.

But for members of the pop culture collecting community, the more important question is this: how can I use Clect to make this comic-con my best yet? In short, can Clect help me Con Better?

Like most collectors and Con-goers, I’ve tried every possible system to pre-plan my Con and keep track of everything I want to see, do and buy.  I’ve created spreadsheets, 3-ring binders, note pads, printed lists, digital lists…you name it, I’ve probably tried it.  And if you’re anything like me, I have yet to find the perfect system.  While we’re not saying Clect is perfect, our visual card and pack system makes it easy to organize your Con plan in advance.

Here’s a simple approach to plan your Wizard World Chicago activities.

Plan your Comic-Con with Clect

Simply create Cards of the events, guests, panels, booths you want to hit and add them to Clect.  To create a card, just click the + sign on the upper right of your Clect homepage:



Say, for instance, you wanted to make sure you attended the Clect Panel Discussion, “Collect Together” on Saturday (hint, hint).

Just grab a screen shot off or Clect’s social media and upload it to create your Card.

Make sure to fill in the ‘Story’ section on the back of each Card with the date/time/room # of the event so you have everything you need to know in one place:


2. Once you’ve created Cards for the events, autographs, guests, panels, exclusives, and whatever else you want to add to your plan, create a Pack with a handy name like “My Wizard World Chicago Plan”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.33.36 PM

Then, simply add your Wizard World Cards to your Wizard World Pack, in the order you want them to show; alphabetical, by priority, by schedule…it’s your call.  Note: Cards can’t be moved around in a Pack yet, so be sure to think about the order you would like them to appear in your Pack, and then simply add them to the Pack in that order.

Pro Tip: Create a different Pack for each day you plan to be at the Con and add Cards that relate to that day only, if you really want to be organized!

Now, you have a simple visual system of your Con that you can access via the Clect app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.  If you aren’t an iOS user, you’ll be glad to know we are working on an Android app that will be available later this year.  If you aren’t a tablet or star phone devotee, simply print the Pack off and use it as a visual check list.

Great, so now you’re organized. You’ve got your plan together but what about your “Want List” – all those comic books and collectibles that you are always on the lookout for to help you complete that title run, or round out your variants, or whatever.

Create a Wish List Pack

Every collector has a wish list and comic-cons are one of the base places to fill some of those gaps in your collection.  But visiting vendor booth upon vendor booth, digging through long boxes and scanning displays can take its toll.  I find myself becoming distracted and often forgetting what condition my AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #115 is in.

But seriously, why should I know that off the top of my head anyway?

The answer; I don’t have to if I create a Wish List Pack on Clect of the key items I’m hunting for.  Once I find an item, I simply remove it from my Wish List Pack, take a picture of my new favorite thing, and create a Card to add it to my Clection. Comic-con success!

Journal Your Comic-Con

Okay, so you’ve planned your itinerary and created your Wish List, now it’s time to enjoy the show.  Some of my greatest moments at Cons have been spontaneous and opportunistic. Clect can help capture those moments as well.

Sure, we are a platform for collectors, but collectors are also fans!

So after you get home from the Con, upload the pictures to Clect and create a journal of your favorite moments — your favorite cosplay, your new favorite vendor, that fortunate run-in with an A-Lister walking the show floor.

Create Cards from your Con Pictures and Share them socially from Clect.

Your favorite Cosplay:


Autographs you scored:


Celebrity Guests you met:


And things you didn’t buy, but need to add to your Wish List:


So, there you go.

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question, “how can I use Clect to get the most of my Con-going experience.”  While we’ve listed a lot of ideas, we’re pretty sure you all will come up with all kinds of cool ideas we didn’t think of.

After all, that’s what Clect is all about; our goal is to be your one central digital platform for collectors to organize, share, buy, sell  and trade.  We’d love to hear how Clect improves your Con experience at Wizard World Chicago.

Join Clect or download our app on iTunes.

And there’s still time to get your Wizard World Chicago tickets so we can collect together!

Till next time; Keep on Clectin!






Use Clect To Have Your Best Wizard World Experience Ever